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Robert Antoine PINCHON (1886-1943) PDF Print E-mail




Son of Robert-Adolphe Pinchon, playwrighter, librarian of the City of Rouen and passionated musicologist, it is thus in an artistic climate that Robert-Antoine Pinchon evolves during his childhood.

A picture of that period shows him in front of its easel at the age of eight. By 1901, he joins the Ecole des Beaux Arts where he takes the class of Zacharie.

By 1903, the big amateur F. Depaux notices him. And it is at his place that Robert-Antoine Pinchon has opportunity to converse many times with A. Lebourg, Pissarro and C. Monet who portrays him as: «a surprising touch in the service of a surprising eye ".

Barely major, he exhibits in Paris. Between 1903 and 1905, he paints in the true and steady tones and is by there even associated with the group of the “artistes fauves”. The critics speak about "his furious tones yellow and blue".

In 1909, he founds with P. Dumont, P. Hodé and Tirvert the "Norman Society of Modern Painting» which invites to the demonstrations: Braque, Matisse, Dufy, Vlaminck, Derain, Marquet, Friez, Picabia, Fresnaye.





Then Pinchon is a member of the group "XXX" created by Dumont. In 1909, while he is only twenty three years old, four of his paintings enter the Museum of Rouen.

Mobilized during the war 1914-1918, prisoner near Leipzig, he performs drawings and pastels. In New York, where takes place the big exhibition of French Art, he sends four paintings, all of them find amateur.

In 1924, he exhibits for the first time in the Reitlinger Gallery in Paris, street of La Boétie. He will regularly exhibit in this gallery until 1940. Every time, the critic will agree in qualifying him as "painter of the light". His tones are delicate and he likes to paint the mists of the Valley of the Seine.

In 1940, it is his last exhibition in the Hotel de La Couronne. It is at Bois-Guillaume, near Rouen, that Robert-Antoine Pinchon passed away on January 3rd, 1943.







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